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Time, hygiene, health. Merged on a new platform. Open (soon) the entire Hagleitner world with just one registration. Until then, we invite you to make safe progress from here. A portal where you can meet your hygiene requirements and build up knowledge. Last but not least: spread safeness. For your health as well as for everyone you love, serve, employ, visit, understand or whose path you cross.

HsM portal


With 10 years of experience in digital dispenser monitoring, we offer you targeted personnel deployment and central location management. For you, this means: Never empty dispensers. Online you know at all times where there really is a need for action.

Hagleitner Webshop


Over 600 hygiene products. You can find them here. From soap to disinfectant. From dispenser to dosing device. What else can you find? Service. Our tip: Register and save directly. Be safe and fast on the go.

XIBU Designer


Because life is colourful. 1.000 designs per hygiene dispenser. Design your dispenser side parts yourself according to RAL colours, with existing designs or choose from the Hagleitner selection.

Hagleitner Academy


For B2B customers. For partners. For employees. Fresh knowledge creates space for new ideas and creativity as well as for structured work processes, hygiene plans or clean laundry tips. Create clarity in thinking and in cooperation.

That's what Hagleitner talks about


Hagleitner Hygiene Portal: Video

A comprehensive answer to every question related to hygiene. The encyclopedia of how, where, when and why in the areas:

  • Washroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Janitorial hygiene (floor cleaning)
  • Disinfection
  • IOT (Hagleitner senseMANAGEMENT)

When you use the Hagleitner XIBU app to collect the data for your XIBU hybrid dispenser via Bluetooth, they are loaded into the Hagleitner cloud and can therefore also be viewed in HSM from a PC of your choosing.

Click on Academy right here in the hygiene portal. This takes you to an overview of the available seminars. After selecting a course, you are requested to log in. If you don't yet have an account for our Academy, you can also register here as a new user. Then you can register for the seminar.

With Hagleitner senseMANAGEMENT, you can:

  • View the fill level, the energy supply, the lid status and the output figures of your dispensers from anywhere.
  • Administer your building structure, which is displayed in the XIBU app.
  • Request a change to your company data.

The HsM Gateway is currently being planned. With our gateway, your dispenser data will automatically be kept up to date without anyone collecting them with the XIBU app. This means that you always have a live overview of your dispenser data.

In short: you know where action is needed.

This depends on the scope. Let's talk to each other and find out together.

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